Lincoln Mondy’s asthma is probably the only reason why he’s never smoked a cigarette.

Doctors warned his parents about the dangerous effects their smoking habit could have on their son, but it was almost impossible to stop because in Farmersville, Texas, “tobacco is everything,” according to Mondy. At the age of 14, Mondy took matters into his own hands when he made a PowerPoint presentation for his mom, whom he lived with, which warned her about tobacco’s adverse effects. With the support of Mondy and other family members, his mother eventually quit smoking by the time he was 15. But getting his father to quit was a different beast to tackle.

My black family all smoked menthol,” Mondy, who is biracial, told The Huffington Post about a pattern he noticed on his paternal family’s side. “Like why do they smoke menthol but my white side dips and smokes cigarettes that aren’t menthol?”

Menthol is a flavoring additive that makes it easier to inhale smoke which makes it more addictive than non-menthol cigarettes, according to the Center for Disease Control. More than 70 percent of black smokers prefer menthol, as shown in the infographics (above and below) by the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council. After learning that black people are more likely to die from smoking-related diseases than whites, Mondy realized his father’s affinity for menthol wasn’t a coincidence.

The now 22-year-old senior at George Washington University, started to research the campaigns big tobacco companies used to target black communities for his film project,“Black Lives/Black Lungs.” The film was published in March in conjunction with Truth Initiative, and he found some very disturbing facts.

Article courtesey of Huffington Post: How Big Tobacco Targets Blacks


rahm_ballet_02For years White politicians have courted the black registered voter in Chicago to gain a foot hold in a political race. Black preachers have always allowed politicians to get airtime on the mic on Sundays to reach their church members in exchange for some unspoken promised parcel of land or an opportunity to financially benefit from lending their support to the political machine. In Chicago the political machine never stops moving, living here for more than 30 years has taught me to never trust politicians and trust the “Black Preachers” even less.

On October 20, 2o14 Loquan McDonald was just another black teen who gave his name and likeness to the “ChiRaq” legacy. Teen points weapon at cop, cop shoots teen, thats par for the course in Chicago. What, I and most registered voters didn’t know that there was a video from multiple angles that contradicted the police reports, the Black Preachers who stood behind Rahm Emmanuel didn’t know there was a video either. What the “Black Preachers” also didn’t know was the Mayor and the States Attorney; Anita Alvarez had saw the video and decided to tuck the video away in a nice neat little box buried at the bottom of Lake Michigan. So Sunday after Sunday Rahm visited black churches and the Black Pastors were  grinning from ear to ear welcoming  Rahm to speak to church members, begging for the black vote. Black preachers strongly encouraged church members to drink the Kool-Aide. Black Alderman got in line and did what they  were told. Never mind that Rahm had completely undermined the Teachers Union, closed schools in the black communities and created murderous crime wave on the South and West sides that earned Chicago the new nickname of “CHIRAQ”.

Yes Rahm Emanuel must be held accountable but the Black Preachers who stood behind him need to be dragged into the street right behind him. Who once gave the key note address for Rahms first election; none other then Charles Jenkins from Fellowship Church, I wont mention his illicit affairs. But not a word about the violence or  Rahms lack of leadership from his black lap dog. Actually Rahm has a long list of Black Lap dogs who have suckled on the tit of Rahm for the past 5 years. Once upon time the Black Church was a place of sanctuary and where black folks could go to organize and fellowship. Now the Black Church has evolved into an institution that lacks direction and leadership…How proud Judas and Barzini  would be proud to see how we are betrayed by the same people who we trust to lead us…



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I remember James Meeks standing on a street corner in the Wild 100’s or the Far South Side as it is described these days. He was passing out bibles and doing his best to close down liquor stores that were troubled spots in Roseland. Cleaning up the community and saving people one soul at a time. What was not to  like about the Pastor with the texturized hair and loud mouth? I wasn’t going to kill the messenger since his message was to “clean up the community”! He had steadily built meeeksa following for his Salem Church and people raved about his straight forward down to earth style. But the more people raved about him the bigger his star grew and just like that he was a “leader in the black community”. The mythical title of “black leader” was bestowed upon him but what had he done to deserve such an honor? Actually nothing but there are urban communities across America that are all in need of some type of leadership so Chicago is no different when anointing someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Meeks in 2002 was elected to the Illinois State senate as an Independent then re-elected as a Democrat in 2006. Less than 8 years later he supports a Republican candidate who has no record of public policy, no record of repairing an economy…nothing stands out about Bruce Rauner except he is a taller version of Mitt Romeny…venture capitalist who bankrupts companies and leaves people unemployed. I was momentarily confused when a bevy of black preachers voiced and pledged support to Rauner. But then this is Chicago and politics make strange bed fellows. Meeks was every where to be found during the election; “Quinn is killing Illinois” proclaimed Meeks. What? Wait a minute why was Meeks hitching his wagon to this guy? AND guess what? as soon as Rauner was able to make political appointments Meeks was appointed as Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education. A guy with no higher education credentials, no record of progressive policies that improve the State of Illinois’ education…nothing! Meeks is also the loudmouth that spewed anit-gay remarks about Illinois’s effort to pass the “gay marriage” bill.

An “anti-gay” pastor will be allowed to give input into the policies of education in Illinois; let that sink in for a moment. Then think about the LGBT students that are enrolled in schools across the state. Plantation politics is nothing new; a black man being the lap dog to a new white master. We see that all the time but James Meeks is a bigoted and prejudiced black pastor who has just been placed in a position of influence…yes its a curious case indeed. Where is Django when you need him?

Chicago Politics: Theater of the Absurd

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I remember Ron Huberman! He was the ex-cop, turned bodyguard for Mayor Daley, turned political insider, turned CEO of CPS. Whoa wait a minute thats one hell of a career arc; cop to CEO. Not impossible but impractical. So when Ron Huberman failed as the leader of Chicago Public Schools he vanished into thin air never to be heard of again or so we thought. Ron did what any good capitalist would do; he started a business. But not just any business; he created a firm that matched new teachers with job openings at Chicago Public Schools. Ok no problem with that, wait a minute there is a slight problem; his firm is now receiving contracts from the same schools he helped tear down or build. No matter what side of the coin you look at he has some stink on him. As a former cop did Ron really think that at some point he would be a suspect in the ever evolving scum of Chicago politics?

After stints as mayoral chief of staff and Chicago Transit Authority president, Huberman was appointed by Daley to lead the city school system in January 2009. Daley was a big supporter of charters, which gained a foothold and grew rapidly in Chicago during the former mayor’s tenure and which also have found support under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

But there is a new person in town named Governor Elect Bruce Rauner; and he is hiring and appointing any and everyone. His latest helper with his transition team is none other than Ron Huberman! How can Ron Huberman who has been out of the political cauldron for 4 years has magically reappeared to help another shady character in the theater of the absurd.

The real question is where is the oversite on people like Huberman who get to leave CPS in shambles and start a firm that gets no bid contracts with charter schools to do the hiring?

Next: James Meek

League Discipline and Legal Reality

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, an extremely rare move the office said it made because the name is offensive to Native Americans. Trademarks that disparage or belittle other groups are not permitted under federal law. The ruling Wednesday pertains to six different trademarks containing the word “Redskin.” Native American groups have been fighting the football team, its owners and sponsors for decades, trying to persuade them to change the name.

This is the second time the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has faced a petition to cancel these registrations. The first was in 1992.

This is tremendous blow to the clown and Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder who thinks the name “Redskins” is a term of endearment to Native Americans. Clearly Dan  Snyder is tone deaf as well as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is the NFL protector when its convenient. I would really like to see the NFL players rise up and stand together with Native Americans and force the NFL and the Washington franchise to change the team’s name. Offensive language is offensive language period. The original team owner had to be forced to integrate his team with NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell because he didn’t believe in black players being on his team, let that marinate; a league that is 75% black in 2014 had trouble with integration during the 50’s and 60’s.

Native Americans suffered the greatest indignity when the settlers first landed on the shores of America, lets do right by them and eliminate offensive names.




warrior dash chicagoI was hoping that my Father’s Day would be a quiet easy day; no kids screaming, no “honey to do list”, no stress and plenty of beer as I watched the NBA Finals. Well at the last minute my fiancee needed me to help her volunteer at the Warrior Dash 2014 for St. Jude’s Chicago team. Ok not a problem, I’ll go pass out a few shirts and towels and encourage the participants who braved the grueling obstacle course filled; fire, mud, water, hills and the humidity. Never in a million years did I think nor did i prepare for the running of the Warrior Dash. Around 9:30am the full court press hit me; first a few volunteers asked was I gonna challenge the obstacle course? I politely said no, only wanting to focus on my the task of being a good volunteer and help out.

But the competitor inside  me watched wave after wave of runners complete the course; muddy, bruised and cut. But triumphant none the less. My fiancee asked me what was “all the working out for if i didn’t try to challenge myself.” She had a point I have been training for weeks; running hills with a 20 lb weight vest, pushups and pull ups to the point of exhaustion. Yes I would do it, what the hell. As i approached the starting point with the 10:15am wave of runners a nervous energy begun to creep inside me. It was the fear of the unknown that waited for me like a lurking lion. The DJ worked the crowd into a frenzy, various training groups dressed alike in creative uniforms stretched and growled in anticipation of the start of the 10:15am wave.  The runners were of all races, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. No Olympic champions here; just people looking to challenge themselves and have fun. I set the timer on my watch and the DJ barked out “lets go runners”.

I started out great, the first quarter mile was an easy jog on uneven terrain up a modest hill, then down a steep hill into the muddy forest where the footing was less than desirable. No sweat I kept my balance continuing along the path, the herd of runners at the beginning slowly thinned out and the more athletic men and women were running more than lightly jogging. the first mud pit was only 2-3 feet deep but the footing was horrible; some runners slipped into the mud pit others with no athletic ability went face down into the mud. For some it was a badge of courage to be submerged in the mud, but to to others it was more rewarding to not fall or go down face first. One mile in it became less fun and more of a challenge of mental and physical endurance. Army crawling in mud avoiding the barb wire or climbing a steep 20 foot wall with a rope tested my resolve.

Jumping over a fire pit and climbing another wall made with ropes which was 50 feet off the ground tested my sanity. I was determined to not let my fear of heights consume as I reached the end of the grueling 3.5 mile course; the sliding board that put the exclamation point on the run delivered me into a 6 foot deep pool of mud and God knows what else. Nothing prepares a man for a plunge into the murkiness of the mud. It made me think about what a man must feel like when sinking in quick sand, I desperately tried to feel for the bottom with my feet but no luck. I couldn’t stop because there were people coming down that slide behind me, so waded forward and pulled myself out of the mud pool.

Thank God the finish line is in sight but for good measure there was another 5 foot pool of mud that was laced with barb wire were you needed to wade underneath only your head just inches above the surface of the grimy pool of dark mud. But i emerged from the pool undaunted and crossed the finish line to cheers and hoots. A young lady placed the medal around my neck as i trudged to the wash off area were people by the 10’s rinsed off with hoses and smiled at each other approvingly of what we all accomplished. One hour and 12 minutes after setting my stop watch I made it! Bruised, cut and sore from the sheer brutality of what it takes to complete a course like the Warrior Dash gave me a better appreciation for all the brave men and women who go through basic training to serve in our Nations military. It gave me an appreciation of what my father sacrificed when he served in the Army during the Vietnam War.  This was the best Father’s Day I can remember in a long time and it was topped off with a cold beer for my trouble!

I have always hated the way African-Americans have been portrayed or at least allowed themselves to be portrayed on reality tv shows. I constantly argue with my friends about the merits of these shows and how it hurts everyone. The cat fights, name calling, over sexed themes and downright stupidity, do the participants get paid? Of course they do but at what  expense? And the creator of these shows are black! So are the creators of the reality shows in question any different than your local drug dealer, pimp or street hustler? I say “hell no”! Now Mona Scott-Young is in the cross hairs of  the black community, as she set her sights on the black fraternities and sororities. The “Black Greek Life”  has done more for the education and maturation of  black students than just about any institution. Thats why I was ecstatic to hear the frat brothers and  sisters joined together to tell her “no we aren’t interested in your bullshit”.

For years, Mona Scott-Young has been behind the scenes effortlessly crafting the careers of Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott and 50 Cent, to name a few.

And in recent years, through her Monami Entertainment company, she has teamed with VH1 for various franchises including ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ which uncovers the lives of the women behind some of the most famous rap stars out.

However the producer’s latest developing project, “Sorority Sisters,” has drawn a widespread backlash amongst black fraternity and sorority members due to its misrepresentation of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho members highlighted in the show’s trailer, which has since been removed from the web due to the uproar.

Following the negative reaction to the “Sorority Sisters” preview clip, Reynoir Lewis launched a MoveOn.Org petition in an effort to axe the series from airing on television:

Stop the spread of ignorance and stereotyping of our beloved Black Greek letter organizations. Our founders amongst EVERY organization worked extremely hard to allow us to unite and flourish not only on college campuses, but as a people well beyond our college days, and Mona Scott-Young now threatens to demolish those aims and goals we all abide by. If this show airs, we will boycott any and all advertisers affiliated with the show through commercial advertising, product placement and/or location use.

*I, Reynoir Lewis, will be personally delivering these signatures to the President Philippe Dauman and the Executive Chairman Sumner M. Redstone.* Thank you for your support.


Ladies before you give your body and heart to a man, make sure you know all there is know about him. HIV is still a deadly disease but people within the African-American women and men act as if the disease no longer exists.  Now I’m not saying don’t fall in love, but however make sure you do your due diligence.  According to a report in the Chicago Suntimes:

A South Side man is accused of failing to tell his girlfriend he was HIV positive, admitting it only after the woman went to a doctor eight months after their relationship ended and was told she had tested positive.Johanson Little, 31, has been charged with criminal transmission of HIV, a Class 2 felony, and was ordered held on $750,000 bail during a bond hearing Thursday.Little, of the 4400 block of South State Street, had dated the woman between June 1, 2012 and June 1, 2013, according to Steve Campbell, a spokesman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.  

This is a sad case of taking advantage of a woman’s heart, this monster knew he was infected with the virus but rather than do the right thing he chose to put his partner’s life in danger essentially giving her a death sentence.  Lets all get tested, know your status and be honest with your partner.